Application of psychology study in social media banner marketing

Community is the interaction between people. How to put aside all the statistics, from a psychological point of view, analyzing how the community, playing a nice psychological warfare?

General banner marketing activities are from the sea of data, the direction of the development of a communication strategy and the planning case, the implementation of the business case, and then according to the regular statistics, fine-tuning skills . Accustomed to the concept of the data will speak, we often ignore an important and basic thing: psychology.

Social media processing, is the interaction between the interpersonal interpersonal interaction is not just data, sometimes more understanding of each other’s psychology. The week the Ogilvy Community Forum, is to explore how to use communication skills to overcome the mentality of human decision-making.

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Before officially entered the topic, let’s review a bit of novelty in the past few weeks:

1 online video views, Japan remains the first
According to ComScore statistics, Japan is the Watch Videos average number in the world most countries. Watch 242 films in the month of June 2012 the average Japanese display outlet on the movie the huge business opportunities in Japan. Hong Kong ranked second.

Chinese domestic price war set off a e-commerce
China’s second largest Internet retailer Jingdong Mall, than rival Gome and Suning has announced a 10% reduction in the price of sales of major appliances, and then set off a fierce price war the Chinese e-commerce.

3 Indonesian government to follow up to the Internet World
The Indonesian government has launched the “Open Government Indonesia”, so some of the Government’s public service and opening up to the world of the Internet, in their efforts to enhance the transparency of the government, as well as a platform for a the Indonesian public services agency competition.

Standard Economic Association to tell you that people are rational judgment and decision-making can be explained by supply and demand; but in the meantime, many studies have shown that human beings are an irrational animal. Behavioral economics clearly observed human decision-making process, often irrational; irrational behavior will repeat the same mistakes, and can be predicted.

Predictable, would affect the purchase decision, marketers will think? If the use of these non-rational behavior predict whether it will be able to strengthen the communication of our work to develop a successful marketing strategy with online banners.

Following, will share the thinking of four can be applied to community marketing psychology point:

1, vs. Lose (Loss vs. Gain)
There is a theory known as “loss aversion” (Loss Aversion), the pain caused by the loss of the same number of get brought happiness twice as many people can see the face of the “lost” situational, psychological fluctuations is much larger than “get” scenario.

How we use this mentality to communication skills and marketing strategies? Suppose that when you are shopping, a salesman to sell you a sunscreen lotion:

Saying: If you use a sunscreen lotion, your skin will be smooth, carved, and sun damage can be avoided!

Saying: If you do not use sunscreen lotion, your skin by UV damage will cause you to death!

Is not very obvious, say two more impressed by your desire to buy sunscreen lotion? The design of one to avoid the loss of selection, rather than the selection of one can get far.

2 Emotion and Decision Making (Emotion and Decision)
The mood of the people to be in charge of all decision-making, and there tend to rationalize their own decisions. People’s choices and decisions are often emotional and not rational, but encountered the need to explain their decision-making and others, the objective “argument” or “facts” into the best aids.

“Argument” or “facts” for decision-making and do not have much of a role, but effective in the rationalization of decision-making. Like you buy a car, to explain a number of reasons: because of its performance and its horsepower, it’s satisfactory crash test results, the price and other factors, in fact, you think this car is simply handsome , handsome and drive you back to youth.

Motivated reasoning & homogeneity (Motivated Reasoning and Homophily)
It is actually very difficult to change people’s mind, according to confirmation bias theory (Confirmation Bias), people will tend to look for evidence to support their own theories or assumptions, and ignore the evidence can not support their own theories or assumptions. How do we change people’s mind?

People have been finding their sense of belonging and identity, thinking of others, changes in facts or evidence may be counterproductive. So the contrary, the use of human homogeneity use each other like or trust people to pass new information to allow the other side to accept.

4 social identity (Social Proof)
Social identity is the influence of a group. People have a “herd”, individuals tend to affect the crowd concept. How to apply to our marketing strategy, “social identity”? Simply put, do not correct people’s personal misconduct or guidance. Instead, tell them, and the behavior of others, and make full use of the “herd”, in order to guide the choices and actions of the people to make consistent and Volkswagen.

According to the above, you have to learn more about human behavior and thinking patterns?

Whether B2B or B2C marketing mode, involves a series of human behavior and interaction. If we can better understand yourself, more in-depth understanding of the logic of human thought, and knowledge application in future marketing strategy, and believe that the more creative and communication skills which excited.