Winning competitors with Custom Feather Flags Advertising in 6 months

Six months to win competitors with Custom Feather Flags Advertising

Three squirrels have been able to become the leading brand with Custom Feather Flags Advertising, from the bottom of the business, we coincide with some trends: one is the young people to change the way shopping; the second is 85, 90 after this generation of consumer demand for upgrading; Third, there is no nuts on the Internet brand, offline high-end nuts and no brand.

Why line under the high-end nut no brand, does people do not see the consumer upgrade?

Not also because the nuts under the line channel inhibited the birth of the brand. Nuts are a rough product, offline channel chain is too long, dealers, agents, merchants will be layers of fare increases, 50 dollars of things, to the business to sell more than 100 dollars, premium too much, homogenization The degree of high, naturally inhibited the development of super brand.

The nuts on the roadside road can be born a nut brand? Impossible. This is the status quo of the industry, in fact, we are not robbed of the brand share of super-nuts, but the roadside stalls to kill, into a brand. If you have to add a reason, relative to other food, nuts high degree of standardization, more suitable for transport, more suitable for sale on the Internet.
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