Winning competitors with Custom Feather Flags Advertising in 6 months

Six months to win competitors with Custom Feather Flags Advertising

Three squirrels have been able to become the leading brand with Custom Feather Flags Advertising, from the bottom of the business, we coincide with some trends: one is the young people to change the way shopping; the second is 85, 90 after this generation of consumer demand for upgrading; Third, there is no nuts on the Internet brand, offline high-end nuts and no brand.

Why line under the high-end nut no brand, does people do not see the consumer upgrade?

Not also because the nuts under the line channel inhibited the birth of the brand. Nuts are a rough product, offline channel chain is too long, dealers, agents, merchants will be layers of fare increases, 50 dollars of things, to the business to sell more than 100 dollars, premium too much, homogenization The degree of high, naturally inhibited the development of super brand.

The nuts on the roadside road can be born a nut brand? Impossible. This is the status quo of the industry, in fact, we are not robbed of the brand share of super-nuts, but the roadside stalls to kill, into a brand. If you have to add a reason, relative to other food, nuts high degree of standardization, more suitable for transport, more suitable for sale on the Internet.
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Where should the internet Retractable Banner ad be positioned for higher CTR

Internet advertising is not only marketing the new trend is to obtain accurate data media. How many users will take the initiative to tap the Internet advertising? Retractable Banners Advertising on the platform which most people click? Point into the ad, and how many people actually buy merchandise?

Many netizens often the ads on the Internet to attract, and can not help shopping. In order to understand the intentions of consumers for Internet advertising, the highest inter-city market research consultant in December 2011 to conduct research on internet Banner advertising intention:

Investigation of all respondents the average hours of the day using a network, 32.2% of respondents said that “more than two hours but less than four hours, a higher proportion of respondents in the 19-year-old age population; 21.3% of the respondents were “more than four hours, less than 6 hours, more significant proportion of respondents in the 20-24 year-old age population; 17.6% of the respondents said” more than one hour, less than two hours age population in the number of respondents over the age of 40 more.

Over half of the respondents said “Yes, I took the initiative to tap the Internet advertising” ethnic women, ages 35-39 years, while its initiative to tap the Internet advertising situation when asked career as The large number of fixed workers; and also 30% of the respondents said “No, but I will pay attention to Internet advertising, at the age of 20-24 years, a relatively high proportion of professional students; lowest proportion for the Select “No, never point it will not pay attention”, which the men, ages 19 years of age, occupation more significant proportion of the student respondents.
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Fragmented Retractable Banner Stands messages are more effective than a large scale promotion

Innovation strategy also insist on betting all the effort, time only a big event? How to allocate part of the budget, the official website, the campaign website, create a small but beautiful, but many times, and consumers between dense and faint relationship?

Because our time has become fragmented after the brand message to communicate and we need to make use of “multiple,” lightweight”. Visit to get more idea for tools on traditional marketing events with Retractable Banner Stands.

In particular, the Smartphone is becoming increasingly popular, more accelerated this phenomenon. People like to fill the fragmented Etc. MRT, and other people, and so serving, meeting not turn to TV advertising, are you opening in Internet. Seems modern people have lost the ability to be alone with yourself, fragmented time, we always used the phone, email, games, face book, to fill the “emptiness” we are waiting for.
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Is social media the most direct and effective marketing health check?

Doing market research, focus interviews, hoping to get the real opinions of consumers spend a large budget, but on the inside skeptical? When marketing these doubts, community media can do to help?

Social Media Why attractive? The rapid interactive, direct response, or digital banner almost year round to allow agents purse? In fact, brand, social media best place is to truly understand consumer.

For Focus Group must have had this experience, holding a notebook, into the dark little room, relying on slightly light, looked at the glass on the other side of the consumers in our guide The next speaking out so-called “real views. Process we have any idea, can only silently through the pen and paper to communicate the interviews for questionable content, also no longer be able to retrospectively get to the bottom. A sum of millions or even tens of millions of budget will be based on consumers’ real opinions, to develop into all kinds of finished products, the spread in the major media.
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Application of psychology study in social media banner marketing

Community is the interaction between people. How to put aside all the statistics, from a psychological point of view, analyzing how the community, playing a nice psychological warfare?

General banner marketing activities are from the sea of data, the direction of the development of a communication strategy and the planning case, the implementation of the business case, and then according to the regular statistics, fine-tuning skills . Accustomed to the concept of the data will speak, we often ignore an important and basic thing: psychology.

Social media processing, is the interaction between the interpersonal interpersonal interaction is not just data, sometimes more understanding of each other’s psychology. The week the Ogilvy Community Forum, is to explore how to use communication skills to overcome the mentality of human decision-making.

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1 online video views, Japan remains the first
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