Fragmented Retractable Banner Stands messages are more effective than a large scale promotion

Innovation strategy also insist on betting all the effort, time only a big event? How to allocate part of the budget, the official website, the campaign website, create a small but beautiful, but many times, and consumers between dense and faint relationship?

Because our time has become fragmented after the brand message to communicate and we need to make use of “multiple,” lightweight”. Visit to get more idea for tools on traditional marketing events with Retractable Banner Stands.

In particular, the Smartphone is becoming increasingly popular, more accelerated this phenomenon. People like to fill the fragmented Etc. MRT, and other people, and so serving, meeting not turn to TV advertising, are you opening in Internet. Seems modern people have lost the ability to be alone with yourself, fragmented time, we always used the phone, email, games, face book, to fill the “emptiness” we are waiting for.

Because of the state in a fragmented time, we are only a short attention span, a photo, a few essays, just right; we will in a short period of time to determine, “she worthwhile read on,” according to a praise. Brand if you want to cater to this trend, already not suitable only previous way communication, but must shift to a “message many times but good digestion lightweight. This is why Facebook is so popular the reason.

This phenomenon, not only in Social Media is very common, even foreign brand marketing event, there are more and lightweight trend. Time not too many things to communicate with you, just let you press the button, we do the easy interaction. Lightweight, does not mean that quality is not important, but for consumers, it is not easy to participate, the message is not easy to digest.

Such as intel Following the “Museum of Me” is after, it launched the “Me The Musical. Even on your face book, your life will turn into a song. Products Features instructions, nor where to buy, just to entertain you, make you happy, fully consistent with the definition of lightweight, but the production can be a little sloppy.

Of course not every need such a large cost of production, often creeps can hit the big time. Example, a while ago, when everyone crazy Olympic, as well as a possible change of the future destiny of mankind “Curiosity landing on Mars” event. Oreo biscuits on taking advantage of the launch below this, changed the color to the Oreo which should not be black and white fillings, Mars, the red clay color, but also playful pressure in the cream on the curious number round India.

As a major event in every new appropriated budget, painstaking events, shoots commercials … Once a large-scale activities, and PR is AD and is the event, like fireworks, shoop spend budget, tasting, the period of only three months.

This practice is not wrong, just a year you can have a few new listing? In the window period between events, how to do? For companies with small budgets, openly talk to her customers Say Hi is likely next year after things. In this situation, how to hope that consumers remember?

Fortunately, we have Social Media

In addition to lightweight this focus, do not forget the keyword “many times”. If you understand how to operate in the Social Media this concept can refer to a Lady Gaga fan page, there are too many of these “multiple lightweight” message here, the long-term Following a communication culture of slowly accumulated with the fans feelings.

with current events, a photo of the little monster transformation of Lady Gaga originally posted on Vogue magazine during the Olympic Games.

Lady Gaga exclusive community platform Little Monster, multidimensional continued to communicate with her fans

To create “many times”, should not be Xinshou twist to casual, but need to program planning, content must be combined with your brand appeal. Brand personality (persona), values, related content or mobile and consumer desire (want) followed by the most “popular” topic go.

Road Lego (Lego) very good, better, many of the elements are created by the users themselves. Or Got Milk? Let Man of Batman in the mouth leaving a touch of white beard. Nike won the Olympic bronze medal in Taiwan taekwondo national champion had oak Aveo immediate reaction producing promotional artwork mobility, is also a must.

The above examples are not directed at the new listing, but created content, are slim, but not necessarily sloppy. Inspired by the wave of popular topics, of course, it is easy to create users click, but need extraordinary powers of observation and execution, like Lady Gaga Olympic shine or Oreo curious example of the number. The most appropriate approach in advance will be able to grasp the trend, there are plenty of ready to create a pair of events, at the right time to interact with consumers, and to support the brand in vacancies between the event and the event with Retractable Banner Stands promotion.