Is social media the most direct and effective marketing health check?

Doing market research, focus interviews, hoping to get the real opinions of consumers spend a large budget, but on the inside skeptical? When marketing these doubts, community media can do to help?

Social Media Why attractive? The rapid interactive, direct response, or digital banner almost year round to allow agents purse? In fact, brand, social media best place is to truly understand consumer.

For Focus Group must have had this experience, holding a notebook, into the dark little room, relying on slightly light, looked at the glass on the other side of the consumers in our guide The next speaking out so-called “real views. Process we have any idea, can only silently through the pen and paper to communicate the interviews for questionable content, also no longer be able to retrospectively get to the bottom. A sum of millions or even tens of millions of budget will be based on consumers’ real opinions, to develop into all kinds of finished products, the spread in the major media.

Experienced so many times, if you feel that there is still some sense of security? Or sometimes doubt that he is not really hear the voice of the consumer, or own only hear the sound they want to hear? Community Media fascinating place here, and it allows you to get rid of the constraints of time and space, at any time to see the real views.

Through social media, “enthusiastic” Consumers can brazenly development the hearts of view, marketers can also search through the network, analysis, that the consumers what they want, not to what is a little more in-depth, but also know your competitors in the minds of consumers, who, and why consumers will turn!

Not long ago, has assisted well-known watch community reputation analysis result is quite interesting; we found that, when the era evolution so far, locking the target populations discussion table, more focus on the appearance of the watch, design while at the same time, to discuss the brand’s consumers are still locked in the quality and origin. In other words, in the case of the brand’s design did not demonstrate the young people selected table likely will ignore the brand.

Thus, through the Community health check, we found that a key issue, and to discuss with clients, set the next fiscal year, digital marketing strategy, and is a “remedy” digital marketing strategy. Different from the past can only understand through the Focus small part of the consumer voice of consumers under our supervision, now have social media, we also allow consumers a sense of freedom to play he wanted to speak, so that we can The development of a truly “consumers” as the core communication plan.

Generally speaking, we will search in the Internet world brand reputation associated with information related to the word-of-mouth, to assess market trends and analysis in this category. Analysis focus: What are the positive word-of-mouth? What are the negative word of mouth? What is positive? What is the negative? What is neutral? In the early, middle, late change of volume of word-of-mouth activities are? Therefore, do not just want to watch the instant interaction (such as: Posting a message, press praise), watching Youtube, forums, online banners, Plurk microblogging … the views and comments, we are not only a media monitoring, but monitoring The entire platform, collect your views on the Community Channel as a basis for next amendment and adjustment to the brand and the consumer to adjust the distance closer.

Why before the event understand real consumer opinion is very important? Because a good activity, must be developed based on real consumer opinion through the perspective of consumer preferences, learn about what consumers want, and then based on the advantages of the brand, to provide appropriate interaction, so we have a chance to According to the real market, the development of transfer consumers can resonate dissemination activities.

This step is so simple, but we tend to ignore this necessary step. Line on many activities, start running, we keep a close eye on the number of activities, began to calculate how many people participated, the amount of levy parts and so the things available to customers until the end of the event, Final Report. Quantitative online survey, the impact to the future development of marketing and related activities. Let every marketing staff can develop content guidelines to ensure the development of each of our activities are closely rely on real people and attractive depending on consumer psychology.

Therefore, if we are aware of the direct interaction of the social media, will be an entirely new measure and assess the content of the standard, and to know the importance of this. We believe that, if so let customers completely added to the process of creating content, avoid like the traditional operation, ignore customers, ignoring consumers one of the parties, this will be a win-win situation, we convey the message of the brand, but also accepted the voice of the consumer. Next before writing marketing planning, wish from millions of marketing budget, freeing up a little bit of budget, first to be a brand of digital health check!