Where should the internet Retractable Banner ad be positioned for higher CTR

Internet advertising is not only marketing the new trend is to obtain accurate data media. How many users will take the initiative to tap the Internet advertising? Retractable Banners Advertising on the platform which most people click? Point into the ad, and how many people actually buy merchandise?

Many netizens often the ads on the Internet to attract, and can not help shopping. In order to understand the intentions of consumers for Internet advertising, the highest inter-city market research consultant in December 2011 to conduct research on internet Banner advertising intention: https://www.retractable-banner-stands.com/cheap-retractable-banner.html

Investigation of all respondents the average hours of the day using a network, 32.2% of respondents said that “more than two hours but less than four hours, a higher proportion of respondents in the 19-year-old age population; 21.3% of the respondents were “more than four hours, less than 6 hours, more significant proportion of respondents in the 20-24 year-old age population; 17.6% of the respondents said” more than one hour, less than two hours age population in the number of respondents over the age of 40 more.

Over half of the respondents said “Yes, I took the initiative to tap the Internet advertising” ethnic women, ages 35-39 years, while its initiative to tap the Internet advertising situation when asked career as The large number of fixed workers; and also 30% of the respondents said “No, but I will pay attention to Internet advertising, at the age of 20-24 years, a relatively high proportion of professional students; lowest proportion for the Select “No, never point it will not pay attention”, which the men, ages 19 years of age, occupation more significant proportion of the student respondents.

Then asked respondents took the initiative to tap the Internet banner advertising network platform Ad Click situation, the highest proportion of the general portal, ages 35-39, occupational home tube, retirement , unemployed and other state, the number of respondents who live in the central maximum; second platform is a community website / social networking sites, the proportion of respondents for students ages 20-24 years, occupation compared significant; shopping website / auction site Close behind in the most significant proportion of female respondents.

Insight into the group of respondents, will take the initiative to tap the Internet advertising reasons, informed that a higher proportion of the following reasons, “pay attention to banner advertising special offers / promotions / sweepstakes information”, the proportion of female respondents compared high.

Followed by “just information or services meet the needs of the” age population over the age of 40, occupation housewife, retired, unemployed and other state higher number of respondents; Third “like to see interesting advertising “, which 19 years of age to the age, occupation students the proportion of respondents who notably.

Continue to ask more frequently click Internet advertising types, 56 percent of respondents said that more often tap the discount shopping information, “the highest proportion of women, ages 35-39 years the proportion of respondents more significant; followed by a gourmet restaurant information, among women ages 35-39 years of age, occupation housewife, retired, unemployed and other state higher number of respondents; third options The 3C products listed / show information “, which is a higher proportion of male respondents.

While asking the same group of respondents, click Internet advertising and purchasing habits of the goods or services of the case, “occasionally see Internet advertising, will see goods like purchasing habits of the” most respondents situations, the age of 35, vocational fixed workers higher number of respondents; while only browse the ads, almost never the case of the purchase of goods / services is the second highest option, age 19 years of age, vocational high proportion of respondents who students; come back often see Internet advertising, see commodities like to buy “, notably in the proportion of respondents over the age of 40 to the age.

Another asked respondents never take the initiative to tap the Internet advertising do not click Internet advertising, most respondents selected “some bounce-up ads, will cover the original depends on the information to age the layer most significant proportion of respondents in the 20-24 years and 35-39 years; respondents select the “feeling of being forced to sell” is also a lot of, age 35-39 years of age, occupation, home tube, retirement, the third highest “do not like to see ads / ads are not interested in” the large number of unemployed and other state;, to the age of 19, career high proportion of respondents who students.

Finally, asked of all respondents, due to Internet advertising and advertising goods or services, the value of the degree of influence, more than 40% of the respondents said that “there will be little to enhance the value, the number of female respondents more; while many respondents chose “there will not be any change,” male living in the south of the proportion of respondents than significant; come back is “significant value will enhance.

Based on the above survey found respondents more hours of daily use of the Internet for more than 2 hours, less than 4 hours. For online advertising, there are over half of the respondents who took the initiative to tap respondents were significantly more common tap general portal advertising, these ads attract respondents initiative click the reasons pay attention to special offers / promotions / sweepstakes advertising information, just information or services meet the needs or like to see an interesting ad, but also because of the special attention to the information or service offers or promotional messages, discount shopping information, listed the gourmet restaurant information and 3C products / display the information of the most popular types of advertising, but can also be found through the survey results, has taken the initiative to tap the advertising of respondents, fixed Internet advertising will look, and will buy less than percent. Saw the ad will have like buyers are still the majority, accounting for around 6 65%; Only ads hardly buy two five.

Ask other Internet advertising respondents never take the initiative to tap the reason it does not tap, mainly do not like advertising affects the original view web content, and does not like the ad itself and the resulting forced selling flu, or should not like to see ads. Overall, all the respondents for advertising goods or services were more likely to have little to enhance the value; Then there is no change; Only a few will have a negative worth. Visible Internet advertising still has considerable influence!