Winning competitors with Custom Feather Flags Advertising in 6 months

Six months to win competitors with Custom Feather Flags Advertising

Three squirrels have been able to become the leading brand with Custom Feather Flags Advertising, from the bottom of the business, we coincide with some trends: one is the young people to change the way shopping; the second is 85, 90 after this generation of consumer demand for upgrading; Third, there is no nuts on the Internet brand, offline high-end nuts and no brand.

Why line under the high-end nut no brand, does people do not see the consumer upgrade?

Not also because the nuts under the line channel inhibited the birth of the brand. Nuts are a rough product, offline channel chain is too long, dealers, agents, merchants will be layers of fare increases, 50 dollars of things, to the business to sell more than 100 dollars, premium too much, homogenization The degree of high, naturally inhibited the development of super brand.

The nuts on the roadside road can be born a nut brand? Impossible. This is the status quo of the industry, in fact, we are not robbed of the brand share of super-nuts, but the roadside stalls to kill, into a brand. If you have to add a reason, relative to other food, nuts high degree of standardization, more suitable for transport, more suitable for sale on the Internet.

Many people asked how the three squirrels were successful in operating a pure electric business brand.

First, we have a very correct brand positioning with Custom Feather Flags advertising campaign, three squirrels name easy to remember, anthropomorphic strong, see today that is an IP. If you do not have a good brand name, advertising costs at least one-third higher than the present.

Second, the past, electricity businessmen and traditional enterprises through the free traffic in Taobao had a very comfortable, do not want to pay investment advertising, they have a ROI (return on investment), 20,000 dollar custom feather flags advertising costs only brought 40,000 dollar Turnover, ROI 1: 2, for them is not worthwhile.

But in fact, then the Internet advertising is the cheapest, can bring more customers and search traffic. Our first year of double 11 through the launch of through train advertising, diamond booth home advertising and so occupy the consumer’s mind and traffic entrance door. These are the success of the strategy.

Third, the past four years we have mastered the trend of user experience innovation, innovative emotional marketing with Feather Flags promotion, which is the success of tactics. Traditional enterprise customers are standardized, and consumers cannot communicate directly with the business contacts, but the Internet so that each consumer and employees can be an equal dialogue, which requires more vivid in the service, personalized. We have three squirrels of the cartoon image to the extreme, from the packaging of the visual experience to call the user owner, and even spoiled, etc., imperceptibly in the minds of consumers to form a unique Meng culture.

We through this Meng culture, with the package attached to the box artifact “mouse device”, wet paper towels, sealed folder, Meng version of card sets and other gadgets, constantly in many details beyond the user expectations. We can get a loyal customer in a consumption.

Custom Feather Flags | eyeBanner
Custom Feather Flags | eyeBanner

From the factory to the user

An Internet company to bring the industry’s biggest change, is to use large data thinking to penetrate the traditional supply chain.
Ali, Jingdong set up the relationship between business and consumers, we are the role of businessmen. What’s next? Internet technology should penetrate into the production area, which is Alibaba cannot do this thing who do it? we.

We look at our model is an Internet snack brand enterprises, our own positioning is an industrial chain platform business. We are in Ali, Jingdong platform, deep link to the producers and consumers, in disguise to achieve from the factory to the user pay.

The future of enterprises to become a platform, the platform does not have to do their own, but to have data. Data is built on a certain hardware basis: We have our own information to meet the requirements of the standardization of the packaging plant, put tens of millions of dollars to build the food testing center, there are eight for the delivery of the warehouse.
Before we said that three squirrels do not produce things, the quality can be ok?

Do you have the quality of your own production? Not necessarily, if I have 100 factories, hire 100 factory director, do not have to do well, to do well by what? By data: one is 277 suppliers, the other is 24 million users, there is a cloud central product control center. In fact, each consumer in the online evaluation and microblogging channels such as complaints and feedback, the system will automatically crawl, back to which supplier is produced, which part of the error, we detected the data Will enter this system.

Through this system, consumers swept to understand the origin of raw materials, storage time, raw material quality inspection report, transported to the three squirrel packaging plant specific vehicles, testing center staff, customer service chat records more than 30 information point.

The so-called user experience is icing on the cake. We understand the user experience has three layers: First, (quality products allow) user needs to be met; the second is in communication, logistics and other aspects easier to obtain; third is pleasure. Many people see that we are the third level, do not see the first, the second one.

We are so big size, (product) is certainly better than the second-tier brand suppliers, but many people do not want to think so The purpose of many media writing is to let those who look at opportunistic, so I do not go out to speak, one said to be people say that we do well marketing, as if our products are sucks. The product is an absolute basis.

Past (promotion) user experience (the practice) is that in the parcel with some gadgets to bring a sense of pleasure, this effect is not good before. Like you eat vegetables every day, give you a day to eat meat, you feel good, eat meat every day, you are tired.

The trend of user experience innovation has passed. This year we mention the entertainment strategy: IP content vertical, industrial management three-dimensional, the ultimate goal is to play three squirrels into a real personality of the live brand.

We find the original Disney writers and the United States and South Korea team, intended to shoot three squirrels of the same name animation, the end will be released. Good name is very important, I do not have to implant, title called “three squirrels”, which is doing nuts, the story is advertising, advertising is the story, the best marketing is not seen in marketing.
Cartoon came out, a lot of scenes will come to our line to experience the store, the clerk put on the role of clothes is a living Cosplay. Users can sit here to drink, sit here to chat, sit here to eat, do not buy does not matter, and even we will buy: line is the content and brand contact depth, we really want him to buy online.

I used to say a word, our idea is to do 100 points, the emotional do 150 points, this is just a transitional stage. Net red and the rise of the second element, reflecting the Chinese people in the emotional, spiritual needs have not been met, but now we talk about the content marketing is empty, the real content marketing, to do depth rather than breadth.

What are the three squirrels later? Do 1 meter wide, 1000 meters deep thing. For example, we will do animation, will do animation around, etc., but my main business is always selling snacks, my sideline as long as no loss of money on the line.

I will only do food life to make money, others do not scold me to engage in diversification, these sideline as long as no loss of money can be, people do 50% of gross profit, my gross profit 30%, you have the nerve to call me?

We do a lot of sideline of the starting point is to improve the main business, but the sideline is likely to accidentally put people to kill the main business. For example, tea shop, that point we are not worth the benefits, but these small profits together is not small.

The future business is offline experience, online sales

Last year, we off the small US, small cheap two non-nuts online shop, the reason one or two sentences is difficult to explain clearly, but I will not dry off, off the silly thing. What are the trenches in the trenches you have to fight? We are on the Ali platform to fight, in the past Ali is a product search for the rules, do other online shop because it can bring together more traffic.

But we move forward in the process, suddenly found that one day the rules changed, the shop is very good, the traffic will be tilted to the side. I was not so silly, since Ali is not so play, then we have to change tactics.

We will be in this year’s three or four lines of urban design more than 200 square meters of experience shop, the cost of these stores in the sales equivalent to replace the advertising costs. I cannot oppose the advertising of this kind of communication thing, but to find a way to replace it, experience the shop is an alternative link, but cannot open a lot, the cost is easy to come up.

The future business line is the experience, online sales, we must find a virtual business district and the physical business district of the combination. Why are you willing to line up, free up time to the cinema to see a movie, because this in-depth experience in the family cannot be completed, our experience shop is also doing this thing.
Experience shop opened in the four-tier cities is also a reason, here can aggregate traffic, anyway, I did not think this store to produce sales functions, as long as the three or four lines to find the best shopping Mall, settled inside, each person a year Will go several times.

We this thing, online should not be sold. Logistics more and more developed, sooner or later one day, the line can be resolved, why do you have to sell it under the line? This is contrary to our original intention.